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On this page I show pictures and short videos of my train displays and layouts. 
Space is tight as I am running my trains inside at this time with no permanent setup. 
Check back as this page is updated often.
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My home office
I would much rather be looking at these when I am not running them then to keep them in their boxes.  So here is my solution. 2003.

LGB Christmas Passenger Starter Set #70325. 
Short video of Christmas morning 2003 with my first G Scale Train.
This is where it all started...

Short videos of my Bachmann Liberty Bell Big Hauler set in my home office
Space is tight so on the further curve I am running LGB 15000 track and 16000 at the near turn.  I have sheets down on the carpet to keep them clean from the debris the trains make.

Video 1


Video 2


Video 3


Heritage Express 2-6-2
Notice the sound including whistle and bell


LGB 29192 Santa Fe Mogul w/Sound
Saturday morning in the workout room.  The only place in the house I have enough room.


Bachmann Heisler, Oregon Lumber
This is my most favorite locomotive in my collection.


Bachmann #81497 Spectrum 2-6-0 Mogul.  Rio Grand Southern


Trains at work!  Wish I had more room to actually run this here!

More trains on the Redmond Cree RR.  All aboard!!

Click HERE to see videos!

My Bachmann Oregon Lumber Heisler.  Decals saying Oakland, Oregon on the loco and Louise on the caboose are from Stan Cedarleaf.

LGB Christmas Passenger Starter Set #70325.  Santa Claus train 2004
As I mentioned last year when I received my first large scale train from my wife for Christmas, this year it is going around the whole house!  However, I only made it through the living and dinning rooms this year.  In order to keep the track footprint as small as possible I setup a mainline with a reverse loop on either end.  The wiring for this is extremely simple and straight forward.  If I can do this.... anyone can ;)

Items used:

  •  2 LGB 10151 Reverse Loop sets (10151T / 10151K).  The 10151T is the same as the 10152 double insulated track section. (Both sets on Ebay for $29.00 total)
  •  1 LGB 12010 EPL Switch Drive (2 on Ebay for $13.99 total)
  •  1 LGB 12070 Supplementary Switch ($18.99)
  •  2 LGB 17100 Track Contact Sensors (4 on Ebay for $12.00 total)
  •  1 LGB 17010 EPL Loco Magnet ($4.50)
  •  1 LGB 12000 Manual Switch ($5.00 Ebay)
  •  1 LGB 12100 Manual Switch ($5.00 Ebay)

An LGB 65001 sound module was installed in the tender connected to power from the loco and all the passenger cars are wired for track powered (1 axel) interior lights.  The LGB Christmas bobber caboose is also wired for track powered (2 axels) interior lights and exterior marker lights


Wired up the turnouts so I can play with more than one train at a time


Bachmann #82198 38 Ton Two-Truck Shay


LGB #20251 SANDY RIVER & RANGELEY LAKES FORNEY with LGB knuckle coupler on front.  Pulling backwards


Redmond Creek RR Christmas reverse loop layout 2005

See the VIDEOS of setting up the 2005 layout

Laying out the track and roadbed (pictures)

The finished product! (pictures)

Last year I used the LGB Reverse Loop solution for our Christmas layout as I was unsuccessful in getting the Magic Motorman to work,  The LGB Reverse Loop solution works fine and is extremely easy to wire up (SEE LGB Christmas Passenger Starter Set #70325.  Santa Claus train 2004 above).  However I didn't like the way it slows down in each loop.  I decided to attempt getting the Magic Motorman running this year and was successful (more or less).

Video of Christmas layout at night with lights on


My first experience with radio control.  RCS converted Bachmann Climax added to the Redmond Creek RR.  Conversion done by Dave Goodson

Click to see video of RCS converted Backmann Climax

I finally got some of my new figures situated in my Shay.  I hated to do it but it required some leg surgery on both the engineer and the fireman.  A little museum clear gel and they are pretty much not going anywhere.

Operations at TOC's, July 7, 2006

Click to view video slideshow

Click to view video slideshow

Video Slideshow

Individual Pictures

Redmond Creek Railroad Santa Claus Train 2006
We added more houses, figures and scenery this year.  Enjoy!

This video was taken at night with only the lights of the train, tree and buildings.

Here is a video of the daytime version. 

LGB Porter, Hartland kit flat cars, Bachmann logging caboose


Some have been asking me to give an example of my home indoor layout.  Space is tight in my office but here is the layout I get to play with.

Bachmann 3 Truck 55 ton Shay with Railroad Avenue figures

Bachmann 3 Truck 55 ton Shay Inaugural Run - Video


A little LGB Porter fun - Video

Determining prototypical speed for a logging locomotive using a Bachmann Heisler

2007 Redmond Creek RR Christmas Train

2007 Christmas Train Derailment Video

2007 Christmas reverse loop

2007 Christmas Front & Rear views

2007 Christmas Train Night Run:

2007 Redmond Creek Logging Climax taking the right of way

Train Shows at Seattle Center and Monroe Fair Grounds.  February 2008

My new Bachmann Eureka & Palisades and the K-27 side by side
Individual Pictures

Bachmann conversion from 2-4-2 to 2-4-4


Eureka & Palisade video:  15.3MB


2008 Redmond Creek Santa Claus Train - Night Run


Slideshow of 2008 Christmas Layout

Chistmas Layout Slideshow

2008 Redmond Creek Santa Claus Train - Day Run


1st run of the new Class A Climax on the Redmond Creek RR

Video 9.54MB

A second Class A Climax is added to the Redmond Creek RR

Video 10MB  Video 17.26MB 

26th Annual Garden Railway Convention 7/ 2 - 8 / 2010

East King County Tours Individual Pics 7/5/2010 East King County Tours Video Slideshow 24.3MB 7/5/2010
Hotel Murano, Tacoma WA Individual Pics 7/6-8/2010 Hotel Murano, Tacoma WA Video Slideshow 23.7MB 7/6-8/2010
Sunday Open Tours Individual Pics 8/8/2010 Sunday Open Tours Video Slideshow 19MB 8/8/2010

2010 Redmond Creek RR Christmas Train

Daylight Run Night Run

2011 Redmond Creek RR Christmas Train Double Reverse Loop



Picture Slideshow of 2011 Christmas Layout

2011 Christmas Morning, early run of the Redmond Creek RR


2012 Christmas Train.  Daylight view

2012 Christmas Train Christmas Day Early Morning Run

2014 Christmas Train Videos


2015 Christmas Train Video



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