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We are moving outdoors!!

 Well, finally the outdoor project has begun! 

  • 4/10/2010: We had 15 yards of top soil delivered to the house.  The area where the railroad is going has quite a slop that needs to be leveled out.  Susan is helping me and we shoveled all day Saturday and Sunday and only got about half moved to the back yard.

  • 4/17/2010: Before we can bring any more dirt to the area I need to build a retaining wall in the slopped area.  I decided to use treated lumber as only part of the wall will be visible. In the front I will be using pavers... but that's another day.

  • I have revised my original plans to not include any switches at this time but rather to be an over under folded figure 8 of sorts.

Plans for outdoor layout

  • Finished building the retaining wall this past Saturday (4/24/2010) and with Susan's help moved about half of the remaining dirt to fill in.

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