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Bachmann 2-4-2 Loco bash
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  •  I started with an old Bachmann 2-4-2 that never ran particularly well.

  • No prototype or plans. Just took a saw to the original loco and tender and played with the results

  • The overall length from front coupler to rear LGB coupler is 18.25 inches.

  • The tender is the front cut from the original tender and is 3 inches. Including the bottom floor of the original tender it is, 3 5/8 inches. Including the rear wood bumper I added it is a total of, 3 7/8 inches.

  • The space between the cab and the tender including the front section of the original tender floor and the wood extension I added is 1 inch.

  • The tender section is fixed rigid to the chassis with bracing underneath. It would not travel around any of my turns so as an experiment, I attached a small piece of wood with Evergreen tubing with a slit in it on top. This now allows the loco to travel around approx 1/3 of my layout. I still need to tweak this part a bit.

  • The truck is the original tender truck with the wheels replaced by LGB pickup wheels wired into the motor. I never thought the old 2-4-2 track pickup was very good.


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