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Hartland 0-4-0 Loco bash
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  •  I picked up one of these from Hartland.  If you join their online club they are selling for $50.00

  •  I decided to just paint over the tanks to cover up the UP as I heard it was next to impossible to get the lettering off the Hartland stuff.

  •  I also ended up breaking off the cab as even though I had the thing torn apart considerably I could not get it off any other way.

  •  The plan all along was to build a new taller cab and hopefully bring the little loco more into scale with my other locomotives.  I built this cab from sratch (a reall butt puller).  My first attempt at any scratch building with no plans.

  •  I'm not through with the cab yet, but here it is just sitting on the loco to give an idea of what it will look like.

  •  Almost finished.  I only have the railing on the right side to drill a hole for in the cab and install.

  •  Got the right railing put on.  Here are the final pictures.  Enjoy!


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