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The Oregon and California Railroad.
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This is a project to create a consist of rolling stock for my mother in law to replicate the Oregon and California Railroad that ran through Oakland Oregon.

  •  The first car I kitbashed was a very old Bachmann Union Pacific passenger car.  I picked up the car off of Ebay.  It came with the older plastic wheels.  I completely took it apart, repainted it and applied custom decals made to order from Stan Cedarleaf.  I also replaced the plastic wheels, hand rails and railings with metal ones.

Before: This is what I started with.

After:  The finished product.

  •  The next car in the Oregon & California RR consist is the combine car.  The original car was a combine from the Bachmann Liberty Bell Big Hauler set.  I replaced the the plastic hand rails with homemade brass rails.  The end rails are Bachmann metal rails which replaced the original flimsy plastic ones.   The combine was completely taken apart and repainted.  Decals are from Stan Cedarleaf.



  •  Next came the tender.  The original tender is from a Bachmann Big Hauler 4-6-0 Denver Rio Grande.  I originally tried to keep the top and bottom stripes but ended up covering them up by repainting the whole tender.  Again, the decals are from Stan Cedarleaf.



  • The Engine was not changed at all. It is the 4-6-0 locomotive that comes with the Big Hauler Denver & Rio Grand

  •  The finished product!  The Oregon and California RR

1st half of consist

2nd half of consist

The Oregon & California RR


Here are the buildings she and my father in law scratch built.  They ran the train in their hardware store window in Oakland, OR over the holidays 2005.

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