2nd Class A Climax
Redmond Creek RR
Aristo Coaches
Bachmann 2-4-2
Climax Wood Cab
Climax Bash
Hartland 0-4-0
Heritgage Makeover
LGB Porter & Hartland
Logging Caboose
Oregon & California RR
Horse Drawn Wagon
Shay Roof
Tender Project
Mason Bogie
Class A Climax
LGB Porter Makeover
2nd Class A Climax
One Horse Shay
Logging Donkey
10' Water Tank Car


  •  I liked the first Class A Climax kit I built so much I decided to try another.  This time from Ozark Miniatures. There were many missing parts in the kit and the instructions left much to be desired.  But the kit turned out rather nicely.

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