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Bachmann Climax Bash
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  •  I was checking out the Banta Modelworks website,  and decided to take a try at one of their wood cab kits.  I decided on the one for the Bachmann Climax.  The kits are very detailed and lots of fun to build. I am really pleased with how it turned out. 


    With the help of Dave Goodson, we got the original cab removed and the wood cab installed.  I then replaced the electric type light on the front with an older oil burning one.  Since the backup light was on the original cab I decided to add an oil burning light to the rear on the tender.  The coal load was changed to a wood and the smoke stack changed to a diamond stack.  Running the thread through the small holes in the cab for the bell and whistle was a challenge.  Lastly I added 2 of the Railroad Avenue figures and a couple of barrels for them to sit on in the cab. 
    Check out the video:  640x480 17MB or 320x240 3.29MB.  Enjoy!



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