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The making of the Redmond Creek Railroad
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  • TIMMYD:  This first passenger car I am bashing is a Bachmann Virginia Truckee to make the TIMMYD for the Redmond Creek RR.  This car was completely taken apart.  In the process parts of the railings and under piping broke.  I have ordered some white steel railings from Ozark Miniatures to replace all the railings.  I believe I will paint them a brass color.  I purchased some brass piping for underneath.  I plan to order some custom Decals for my new Redmond Creek RR as soon as I come up with a logo design.

  • Here are the first pictures with the car apart and after the first coat of paint is applied.  At this point I still have not decided what the complete color scheme is going to be like.  I just liked this color.  I attempted to find Krylon spray paint at Home Depot in Redmond, but they only carried Rustoleum.  So, Rustoleum is what I am using.  I since have found Krylon at the Fred Meyers right next door.  Well, next car...

  • I have finally decided on the color schema which is a mixture of this green color and a darker forest green color with a flat black roof.

  •  The Decals are on the way from Stan Cedarleaf.  If you need decals Stan is the Man!  He is not only a pleasure to work with but also does a very professional job.  Thanks Stan!  The Decals for Redmond Creek Railroad will look like this.  This should show up great on the dark green background.

  • I received the metal Railings from Ozark Miniatures yesterday.  I am going to be painting them a metallic brass color.

  •   Railings painted with metallic brass color

  • Ok... we are almost done.  I got the first passenger car back together this weekend after spraying it with a gloss clear coat.  I started with 3 quick sprays and let each dry about 5 minutes between.  I finished with a wet spray about 2 hours later.  I let the car stand over night.  The brass piping I purchased for underneath the car is to narrow and will have to wait until later this week to get the size I need.  I also need to find someplace that makes metal stair hand rails, fill in the holes or make the railings myself.  Anyway.... here are the final pictures.

  •   Thanks for all the emails!  A number of you asked for a close up of the decals Stan made for Redmond Creek Railroad.  Here you go...

  •   I finally was able to get back to the hobby shop to get the 1/16th brass pipe for the underside of the car.  Now all that is left is the stair hand rails.  I think I am going to make them myself.


  •  SUSAN M:  Here are pictures of my next bashing.  This is what the car originally looked like.  Bachmann #89392 Jackson Sharp Combine.  Road Name:  White Pass and Yukon

  •  Here it is apart and in the process of painting.

  •   Tape taken off Combine car.

  •   Roof of combine car being painted.

  •  Painting on the combine is done!  I am almost ready to put the car back together.  I have another decal coming from Stan for the back side before I can wrap this one up.

  •  The combine is finally finished!  I really like the way the two colors on the doors turned out. 



  • The CHASER passenger car is now finished.



  • The Baggage car is almost completed.  I ran into some problems with the painting of the doors and am re-doing them.  They should be finished this weekend 07/24/04



  • LOCOMOTIVE:  I also decided to customize my LGB Mogul 2018D to be "the" loco for the Redmond Creek RR.  I took the tender apart, repainted and added the decals from Stan.  I am installing the LGB Steam Sound module next.  We are almost there!!!!



  • BAGGAGE:  I finished the last car today.  The baggage car. 



  • We are done!  Well almost.  I have yet to find outside wall hand rails so I made my own from brass pipe.  The first car I tried the hand rails on is the baggage car and they look pretty good!  The rest of the cars will have the hand rails soon.

Here is the Redmond Creek Railroad

  •  I decided the Redmond Creek Railroad needed and official caboose.  Here are the before and after shots of a USA Trains Southern Pacific caboose.






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