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Aristo Craft Sierra Santa Fe conversions to Redmond Creek RR
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  • Originally, I was planning on selling 2 of the 3 Aristo Craft Sierra Santa Fe combines and 1 of the 2 Observation cars.  But then I thought the Redmond Creek Railroad needed to expand.  Below is the original look of the Santa Fe combine.  I attempted to remove the Santa Fe banner with PolyS.  However, it started to remove the black underneath exposing the original green plastic. 

  • This is with the Redmond Creek RR logo decal and Redmond banner from Stan Cedarleaf.  The banner has a black background instead of the typical decal clear.   It is not very obvious in this picture, but the REDMOND banner is outlined with a red stripe.  It looks very regal!

  • Below is the original look of the Sierra observation car. 

  • Here it is with the Redmond Creek RR logo decal from Stan Cedarleaf.  I used PolyS to remove the center art work.  I used a small paint brush with the hairs cut down to about 1/8th of an inch to make them stiff.  I also used an old tooth brush.   It took approximately 2 hours to get it all off.  I then sprayed a couple of thin coats of Krylon Clear Gloss and applied the decals after it dried.  I followed that with Krylon Clear Satin.  The green color right around the logo decal is a bit brighter than the original color.  But from 4-5 feet away it is not noticeable. 


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